Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wanton Waste rule hearings announced

We need a big turn out of responsible hunters and trappers at these hearings to testify in support of the proposed rule. Failure to make a reasonableattempt to retrieve game and dumping carcasses on other people's land is not acceptable. For the few who behave this way there should be consequences.

Failure to use what we kill is to dishonor the animal and the hunt.

See you at the hearings - Eric


For Immediate Release: February 10, 2009
Media Contacts: Kim Royar, 802-885-8831; John Austin, 802-241-3700

Three Hearings to be Held on Proposed F&W Regulation

WATERBURY, VT -- Three hearing dates have been set for discussion of a proposed Fish and

Wildlife Board regulation on retrieval and utilization of wildlife.

The purpose of the proposed regulation is to ensure proper retrieval and utilization of fish and wildlife resources in hunting, fishing and trapping. A copy of the proposed regulation is posted on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department’s website ( Go to “Law Enforcement” and then “Rules and Proposed Rules.”

The public hearings will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the following dates as follows:

March 10 -- VT Fish & Wildlife office, 111 West Street, Essex Junction

March 11 – Pavilion Auditorium, 109 State Street, Montpelier

March 12 – Kehoe Conservation Camp, Castleton


  1. that was a coincidence given the post I was working on. I read the language of the proposed rule, but I don't see a whole lot there about "utilization" (in fact, there's really nothing there about utilization). It would appear that one could take a game animal home, not utilize it (or stow it in a freezer to get freezer burned), and then eventually get rid of it by throwing it away in the trash.

    Or would throwing away a game animal carcass constitute "abandonment"? The language in the proposed rule is unclear--and that's generally not a good sign for any piece of legislation or regulation.

  2. Jim,
    The intent of the committee (which I served on) was not to tell people how to use harvested fish and game. So you are right - they can feed it to their dog if they want to. We did intend that they not be able to dump it on public land or the neighbors land without permission.
    I agree the abandonment section is unclear and needs to be fixed. It should read dumping on lands other than your own without permission.

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