Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Date: Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 7:31 PM
Subject: Hearing Friday on Future of Vermont Hunter Safety Position

The proposed Vermont budget would delete the vacant
Hunter Safety Coordinator position. It makes no sense
to remove this position because it is funded via federal
Pittman-Robertson funds. Calls needed ASAP
There are no Vermont tax dollars necessary to fund
the position and deleting the position will save no VT
tax paper dollars.
This position holds the Vermont Hunter Safety Program
together and will be critical to other shooting programs.
Please call the Sgt-at-Arms at 800-322-5616 and leave
a polite message for Rep. Steve Adams to tell him you
"support the retaining the Hunter Safety Coordinator position"
Steve is a good guy and will carry your message to the VT

Eric says:
This position slated to be cut was my old job. None of the 5 positions at Fish and Wildlife slated to be permanently cut will save the general fund one penny. They are all funded by license money or federal aid. Once they are gone, it will be very difficult to get them back. Call your representative and tell them that you want a strong Department. That you understand government needs to cut back, but cutting positions at F&W saves no money and makes no sense.


  1. A joint committee hearing is scheduled for Friday 2/13 in the well of the house to discuss position cuts at ANR. If you care about wildlife in VT now is the time to call your representative and tell them you care and you are watching. tell them you know there is no general fund savings to cutting Fish and Wildlife positions, that it will actually cost the state money in lost income tax and unemployment benefits, plus leave money in Washington that would have paid the salary.
    The Governor is playing political games, he needs to know we are not to be duped.

  2. Thanks to everyone who called in. Rep Adams reported 30 calls by noon on Friday. Cuts are going to be discussed on 2/17 & 18 so if you haven't called Steve or your local Representative there is still time.

  3. The latest word is the committee have asked Sec. Woods to produce evidence that there will be a cost saving to the state if this position is cut. He will not be able to do it because it is fully federally funded and the state match comes from donated hunter education instructor hours.
    Sounds like we got our point across!

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