Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paleo eating - what the back to earth folks are saying

Check out this Blog site for an interesting look at what folks are saying about hunting that are involved in organic farming and gardening. Looks like a great group to be recruiting...

Real Primal: Hunting for Dinner

My search and practices started years ago after reading Paul Shepard’s “Coming Home to the Pleistocene” and of course Cordains “The Paleo Diet”.

My “beef” is this though- I have seen on several sites, like yours, questions concerning cheap but good animal protein and how to obtain the best for your dollar; grass versus organic; free range versus yada yada yada…..

How about getting out and killing your own food? That seems pretty Paleo to me….so that’s what we do in this family. I’m not talking about the high tech, redneck, trophy hunter syndrome. I’m talking about subsistence hunting- spiritual hunting. Taking responsibility for ones hungry place in the natural world and reconnect..

Get in the Game: Easy Primal Game-Meat Recipes

As a follow-up to our Wednesday post about hunting for your dinner, we wanted to offer up a few simple recipes for foods that you might find in the forest (or in your local grocers meat section!)


  1. Hey, thanks for the heads up!

    Albert A Rasch
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  2. I find it interesting how many of us (hunters) are unknowingly practicing and have been practicing this Paleo lifestyle for years. Organic gardens,local food sources, hunting for food. They are definitely a group to be recruiting, as we come to know each other I think we will see many parallels in our lifestyles and public missions.Perhaps an application for the much talked about mentoring hunting bill.
    An interesting post and some "food" for thought.

  3. Brian,
    I agree. We have a strong organic gardening and locavore movement here in Vermont with some strong publications that could be used to get the word out. Trapping would also be a good fit - food and fur plus help protect crops.

  4. I attended one day of the NOFA (New England Organic Farmers Assn) conf in Randolph. Lots of very dedicated folks looking to do good things with the land. Seems like a great bunch to work with on hunting and related issues. I didn't see any bias against hunting or hunters. I'm thinking I'll look into running a work shop on gathering free ranging meat for next year. Rifles are a big help with this type of gathering!

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