Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why Do We Get Up at 0 Dark Thirty?

Why unfavorable odds don't deter Vt hunters
By Alexei Rubenstein - bio | email With only a few days left of rifle season, Eric Nuse is getting all the time he can. The 32-year veteran former Vermont ...


  1. Getting up and hitting the woods isn't a problem when you have nothing else to do. This is one of VT's best kept secrets. Half the state doesn't work in Oct and Nov or from mid-march to mid-may. They collect unemployment and complain about all the trust funders.

  2. I also know that many folks use most of their vacation time for deer season. No question it is high on the list of enjoyable things to do. I know of one deer camp that has taken one buck in 20 years - yet the members return every year. Hunting is way more than the kill.

  3. I disagree, hunting is about food--and to get the food, you have to kill. pretty simple actually.

  4. The abundance of wildlife in North America is in a large measure because we as a society valued live wildlife more than dead wildlife. That is why we outlawed market hunting, restrict how we take wildlife, set seasons, restricted bag limits and hired Game Wardens to enforce the laws. If it was only about meat we would most likely only have "wildlife" behind fences owned by folks with lots of money - very similar to most of the world.
    A good example is how we manage ocean fish vs. fresh water game fish. Dead/market flesh vs. wild and alive/sport animals.

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