Friday, November 11, 2011

Locavore "Wild Foods" Festival

From The Elm the student paper for Washington College in Chestertown, MD:
The first event of the two-part celebration took place on Friday evening with a lecture entitled “Hunting: A Matter of Life and Death,” by Drew University Professor Dr. Marc Boglioli. Boglioli’s lecture explored attitudes toward hunting in Vermont, both of the hunters themselves and anti-hunting activists as researched in his book, A Matter of Life and Death: Hunting in Contemporary Vermont. His research focused specifically on deer camps and the stigmas associated with them, such as misogynistic perspectives and an obsession with killing. His findings, however, revealed that deer hunters in Vermont are separatist rather than misogynist and view the deer camps as an escape from the compulsory competition associated with gender in society. “Deer camp is a liminal place where men are free to act in ways counter to the dominant societal expectations,” said Boglioli.
Additionally, he described the hunters’ approach to nature as respectful rather than exploitative.


  1. I am not sure that I could be defined as a "locavore" since I live in Michigan and work in Italy, and traveled for over 25 countries in six continents, but I do enjoy eating local food wherever I am, and I always prefer wild game, whenever I can choose and if I know that game was taken legally (which is why I eat game in Europe and refuse it in China).

    Friday, November 4th, we had a reception for my son's soccer team parents, and the main dish was bear. Many, if not most of the parents, were non-hunters, but most, but not all, tried the Bear-BQ and loved it.

    Since 2003 venison is the center of our Christmas supper, and most of our guests love it.

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  2. Thanks Rodrigo - I have to admit I feel a little guilty when we eat game and don't have guest to enjoy it with us. I love to tell the story of the game we are dining on also. I've yet to had anyone refuse to try game, and usually they are amazed at how good it is!

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