Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Original Green Movement

From NSSF's Bullet Points:

BUMPER STICKERS, FACT CARDS . . . Everyone now is talking about their green initiatives, but America's sportsmen have been putting their money where their hearts are since 1937. Sportsmen contribute more than $8 million daily toward conservation through licenses, excise taxes and other special taxes such as duck stamps. Show your support of America's original conservationists with this free bumper sticker from NSSF. Also, the Hunter's Pocket Fact Card is a great way to educate all audiences on the positive impact of hunters.


  1. I'm greener than you are.

  2. Annon 9/22 - Can you give us more information - I think you are getting to an interesting point...

  3. The only thing hunters what to conserve is hunting,
    if you can't shoot an animal you could care less if it goes extinct.
    True conservationist whats to save an any animal from extinction regardless if it will look good on your wall or will mike you money.

    fun fact: Hunters spend $34 billion while watchers spend $55 billion

    if us fish and game stop catering to hunters they will get a lot more money.

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