Monday, September 26, 2011

Irasburg hunting park expected to close by March

This is the last chapter in the long fight Orion helped lead in Vermont to keep our wildlife wild and in the public trust.

It established that wildlife in Vermont is a public-trust resource and mandated that the whitetail deer and moose in the facility be "reduced to zero" by Sept. 1, 2014. According to Fish and Wildlife commissioner Patrick Berry, the time frame was moved ...


  1. It sounds good. Are the elk out to? It really is a best case senario, was he bluffing all along?

  2. That is great news. Thank you Orion and others for helping to make this happen. We must always remember it is the Public's Wildlife, not to be privatized or commercialized, it is The Public Trust Doctrine. JW Westman Park City, Montana

  3. Anon 9/27 - I guess we have to wait and see if Nelson is giving up the elk high fence operation or not. He said he was going to take down the current fence and plant corn, but also denied he was getting out of the elk business.

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