Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tenn Sportsmen force Deer Farming Bill Defeat

From the Tennessee Wildlife Federation:
Deer Farming Bill Defeated for 2011
Measure Expected to Return Next Year
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friends:

"The White-tailed Deer Breeding and Farming Act" was withdrawn from the House general conservation and environment sub-committee yesterday, which effectively killed the bill. The separate bill to which the deer-farming language had been attached as an amendment was withdrawn from the agriculture committee last week.

The Tennessee Wildlife Federation led the charge, but it was our members and supporters who deserve all the credit.

Thanks to you, more than 1,500 emails and phone calls have been directed to members of the Tennessee General Assembly over the last few weeks. Hunters and wildlife lovers across the state made it clearly known that, considering the scientific evidence, the concept of allowing the breeding and sale of white-tailed deer as livestock is bad business. It would be foolish to risk our priceless natural resources for the prospective benefit of a few.

So hat's off to you, the people of Tennessee, for standing firm on this issue, despite parliamentary maneuvers to get it passed in spite of public sentiment. You made the difference, and your efforts were much appreciated.


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