Monday, April 18, 2011

Public Trust Status for Wildlife in VT Nearly Restored

H.91 has passed the Vermont Senate Natural Resources committee on a 5-0 vote and is scheduled to be reported on the floor this week (April 18). But it is facing a significant challenge. Senator Starr, who represents Orleans Co where the Big Rack Ridge high fence operation is located and one of the authors of the Nelson Amendment that H.91 will repeal, is working to have the bill sent to the Senate Agricultural committee. If this happens it will be in jeopardy.

H.91 has nothing to do with domestic animals or legitimate farming. It should not go to the Ag committee. This is the message being sent to the Senators by the Public Trust Coordinating committee.

The following letter was sent to members of the Senate Ag committee by Trust committee member Rodney Elmer:

What would you say to your grandfather, if he made a grave mistake?
 Mine covered me with cattle spray,  threw out car batteries as targets, let the radiator drain in the brook that I drank from,
Burnt plastic and trash as the smoke filtered in my bedroom window, poured motor oil on the driveway to keep the dust down.
Used enough DDT to kill the eagles.
 A bad guy ? Not in my mind. My father explained to me when I  asked and said, "There is something to be learned from everyone , even if it is what not to do."
 This is what we are looking at here with this problem.  
 E 702  ,Governing without transparency , intentionally keeping people in the dark and manipulating gov. , the keeping of a public resource for private long range profits even if unintentional deserves no reward,  my former Governor not upholding the laws he swore to, the shameless using of caring and well meaning individuals hearts. 
We now must spend great moneys to hold, what was, our own. All to be done again, sometime in the future for sure, unless we agree.
We belong to the land, we have great power and most temper it with restraint and compassion. We should value wildness. Are we not a wild people?
  Pete's wildness is gone. This doesn't bother you?
 We like money, to much! We are talking principles here, let the people, care
for and protect what is theirs. Vote for vibrant healthy wildlife in the care of democratized  citizens. Not my mistaken grandfather!
 Is there a time limit on disease prevention or crooked government? I think not! Neither do you,,, really.!! 
Please just send this to the floor [H.91] and Vote on it, let's just learn and move on!   We appreciated your support in keeping wildlife free for everyone to enjoy and take part in wild & free.
Rod & Theresa Elmer


  1. Removal of moose and whitetail is a separate issue from the oversight of the facility. Since the Ag dept oversees all the other deer farms in the state, it should go to the ag committee.

  2. Ag does not regulate wild animals, only those which are defined as domestic. Also they do not regulate hunting.

    Old issues, been there, done that. I know this seems like a right vs left handed government, but there really is an order to things. If we were not talking about money, political abuse and violation of Public Trust, we would not be having this exchange.

  3. H.91 passed the 2nd reading today (4/20) by a 24-4 vote of the Senate. 3rd reading, house concurrence and off for the governors signature and the people's wildlife will be public again!
    Thanks to everyone who worked for this victory.

  4. Thank you all for your experience, hard work and great cooperation. This is why I love where I live and am proud to share it with good people like yourselves. The people who care and commit are like yourselves are indeed sportsman and the caring people that sets them apart, Thank you so much!Pete's picture needs a place on my wall that's for sure to remind us about that constant vigilance.

    Rod & Theresa Elmer

  5. The ag regulates elk, follow deer, etc. There is no hunting occurring behind the fence. For FWD to have the responsibility of regulating this facility is government waste at it's best. Not only that, it places the cost of regulation on the backs of license holders when there is already a broadly funded mechanism for regulation of these farms.

  6. I Don't understand why elk are expendable or a product of ag. status. Why have a wild species from one place been turned into a industrial product in another? Because they are non native to our land? Why do humans try to justify, through monitary benefit, their appaulling actions like those seen in Canada's video on game farming? The reason's and needs to regulate seem like just a means of playcating our "looking the other way while someone else commits the crime" guilt. Most everyone watching the film feels bad for the pitiful human condition that man continues to think two wrongs make a right.

    Rod Elmer

  7. Rod, if you had your way everybody in the world would starve. Farming is the only way to feed millions upon millions of people. Look what has happened to seafood: Farm raised salmon, shrimp, and just about every "wild" fish that we consider edible. Why? Commercial fishing for the quantity of food we need now would be catastrophic to the fishery. Secondly, it's the only way to meet demand. People need to eat.

    As much as you hate it, you can bet that elk and deer farming is not only here to stay, but will continue the huge growth it's had over the last 20 years. It's not a novelty, it's necessary on many different levels. The US hasn't even begun to reach saturation for farmed venison. That's the reality of the situation.

  8. Your right, in most everything you say and I suppose in many ways it lessons demand on what still endures in our systems, but I just couldn't cut of the fins from a mistakenly caught shark and heave it back appendageless. I know we all waist tremendous amounts of most everything,and I'm guilty too. Does the urge to hold Ivory and Antlers bring me to a better understanding? It did start a good talk that did .

    Thanks, Rod

  9. H.91 is still on the calendar for 3rd reading. Several big bills have been taking up the Senate's time, but Senate Pres. Campbell tells us that it should come up sometime this week. Sen. Starr has an amendment he will offer to put off the final deadline for compliance by Nelson to 8 years. We oppose that as the 3 year date is already a compromise. Stay tuned...

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