Friday, February 4, 2011

Too much 'BBD' on TV these days

From the Great Falls Tribune, Randy Newberg is a founding board member of Orion:

Too much 'BBD' on TV these days

February 3, 2011

A noteworthy trend is developing in the outdoor media and it involves one of my favorite themes — the heavy emphasis on killing and the lack of emphasis placed on hunting.

No pulled punches here. Mostly it is an outdoor television industry problem of too much "big buck down" mentality brought to us by grinning red-necked yahoos who hoot and holler and high-five after even marginal shots on game.
They turn to the camera with a toothy grin and in a hoarse stage whisper summarize what we already have watched. A two- or three-day's growth of beard is a prerequisite — and they seem so barely able to contain themselves that I am surprised more of them don't wet themselves or fall out of their tree stands.
Along with this country bumpkin buffoonery comes an apparent lack of interest in the skills required to be a good hunter — we used to call it woodcraft — the art of tracking, of getting close to animals, of being comfortable and secure in the outdoors.
Almost all of these "hunters" are guided and they arrive at their stands on an ATV or some other conveyance that saves them from walking. They have watched the deer all summer long on one of several dozen trail cameras placed strategically around planted food plots that lure the deer in. They even have names for the deer.
Money of course is at the root of this — money and our nation's love affair with seeing ourselves on TV or Facebook or Twitter. The money comes from advertisers, product manufacturers who just can't seem to come up with the latest gimmick fast enough.
But, I digress.

.... "We all know that our freedom to hunt and fish depends on a healthy habitat," BCHA says on the group's website.

Then there is On Your Own Adventures, an outdoor TV program produced by Montanans Randy Newberg and Will Holmes in conjunction with Warm Springs Productions. That show airs on Outdoor Channel. It is the only hunting TV show dedicated exclusively to non-guided hunting.
"Any hunt you see on our show is a hunt you can do," its producers say.
The first season of "On Your Own Adventures" was filmed in 2008 and began airing in July, 2009. All episodes are based in the United States, with most of them on public lands in the West.
The first season has 12 episodes, in locations including Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa. Species hunted are elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, bear and turkey.

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  1. Well said. i really like the idea of a show that puts the emphasis on DIY. Timely.


  2. On Your Own Adventures moved to Sportsman Channel!

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  4. Have you seen "The Wild Within" on The Travel Channel (Yes, that is correct). VERY good show, Hunting, field dressing, and prep from a non-apologetic, honest view. Can be a catch as catch can given Travel channels Scheduling. There is a blog for it too.

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