Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact Bill H.53 Introduced in VT

H.53 An act relating to the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact sponsored by retired Warden Rep. Robert Lewis has been introduced in the VT House. This bill should be supported by all hunters, anglers and trappers in Vermont.

Below is my post from Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact

I feel it is time Vermont and other states that are not part of this compact get on-board. There is no excuse for not presenting a united front against poaching. Suspensions of the right to hunt and fish has always been our best deterrent to those tempted to violate. But with neighboring states close by our repeat violators have no problem "legally" hunting will waiting out their Vermont suspensions. We could also easily become a destination state for out of state violators as more states clamp down an sign the compact.

The following comes from The Outdoor Wire:
Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe praised Gov. Edward G. Rendell for signing Senate Bill 1200 into law, which clears the way for Pennsylvania to join the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact (IWVC). 
"We are one step closer to banding with 37 other states in a united front against convicted poachers, who steal from all citizens, most especially, law-abiding hunters," Roe said. "Once we complete the administrative step to join the compact, someone who has lost his or her hunting license privileges in one state for a poaching conviction will lose those hunting license privileges in Pennsylvania, as well as in all states that are members of the compact.

"In addition, individuals convicted of poaching here in Pennsylvania will lose their ability to lawfully hunt in the 37 other states who are members of the IWVC."| For More...


  1. entrapment by the warden service is practiced by certain states to collect on lost revenue for the fiscal year budget.Sometimes they even prosecute the innocent bystanders no matter what the situation calls for!Maine warden service workers are the dirtiest of this practice.Bg

  2. Anon 2/25
    In most states all fines go to the general fund and are not retained by the Depts. What you describe was true here in Vermont in the 1800s and was the only pay for the fish wardens. When the modern force was started in 1904 their pay was separated from fines.
    Entrapment is a legal term that in essence means law enforcement or an agent of the officer plants the idea of violating the law in the violators mind who then goes out and breaks the law. this illegal practice is confused with the practice of providing an opportunity to violate, that the perpetrator than does. This is not entrapment and is not a defense that will stand in court. A good example is use of the decoy deer.

  3. I testified in favor of this bill today. The Vt Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, NRA rep, Bear Houndsmen, VT Traditions Coalition and the VT Fish and Wildlife Dept also spoke in favor. It looks like it stands a good chance of passing out of committee and making the change over date.

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