Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some TV Show Updates

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Note - Randy is a founding board member of Orion-The Hunters' Institute

December 9th, 2009
Some TV Show Updates

It is that time of the year when the outdoor TV industry starts having all of their big events. The biggest being the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, coming the middle of January. At that event, Outdoor Channel holds a big event for all the industry people to come and see “who’s who” in the outdoor TV world.

Just got a letter from Outdoor Channel that is pretty surprising. Well, not that surprising, but considering who we are up against, has put a pretty big smile on my face. Here is how the deal works.

There are two types of awards - 1) Fan Favorites, and 2) Professional Panel Judging.

The fan favorites are pretty easy to explain. Get as many votes as possible, and the show with the most votes for that category wins the award.

The Professional Panel judging is more complicated. Here is how it works.

1. All 130 shows submit their best footage for any of the seven categories. We submitted for five categories.

2. Outdoor Channel does a preliminary screening of the shows and then sends the majority of them to a committee of the 30 “industry experts” for the Professional Panel grading/voting.

3. Scoring from that Professional Panel is tallied, and the top five shows are then considered as nominees in that specific category and the winners will be announced in January at the Outdoor Channel Awards show.

So, guess who has been nominated as a Top Five show in four of the five Professional Panel categories we submitted for? Yup, pretty easy guess, eh?

On Your Own Adventures has been selected among all of the Outdoor Channel shows for a top five nomination, and possible winner in these categories:

Best Overall Production (Montana Bear episode)

Best Big Game (New Mexico Archery Elk episode)

Best Turkey (Montana Turkey episode)

Best Educational/Instructional (Montana Whitetail episode)

For us to win any of the industry panel awards, or to win any of the fan favorite awards would be a big splash. This seldom happens with a new show. And for us to be doing that well, across all categories, is amazing. Those you who watch outdoor TV know the big names and supporting sponsors we are up against.

Rumor has it that we are doing amazingly well in the fan favorite voting, also. The fan favorite voting is still open, until the end of December. If you can garner any votes on our behalf, it would be greatly appreciated - Family, hunting friends, or anyone you think would like to support the concept of non-guided hunting. Here is the link:

Outdoor Channel Fan Favorite

Thanks for all your support. Your emails to Outdoor Channel and sponsors have been making a big impact, not just for us, but for the voice of average hunters in the world of Outdoor TV.

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