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Maine Fish and Wildlife now online

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284 State St., SHS 41, Augusta, ME 04333 Main Number: 287-8000

For more information, call IF&W Spokeswoman Deborah Turcotte at 287-6008

AUGUSTA – The summer edition of Maine Fish & Wildlife, the magazine of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, now is available online.

The magazine can be viewed at or by visiting

The magazine features programs, initiatives and projects that are being worked on by IF&W employees. As stewards of Maine’s natural resources, these endeavors are considered essential to preserving and protecting the state’s quality of life and its economic foundation. Combined, outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, boating, ATV riding, and wildlife and bird watching, contribute $2.4 billion to Maine’s economy.

Just recently, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reported that Maine is the top state in the country for wildlife watching activities and second for bird watching.

Among the features in this issue, outdoor enthusiasts can read:

    • Reflections of the Julie N oil spill and from it the addition of acreage to the Scarborough Marsh Wildlife Management Area;
    • Tips on how to stop Didymo, also known as “rock snot,” from coming into Maine and choking its inland waterways;
    • About the partnership between IF&W and the Department of Corrections, and how DOC’s community restitution program provides skilled workers to assist on IF&W projects;
    • About the Fisheries Division’s efforts to encourage anglers to switch to biodegradable lures;
    • And, “Snakes of Maine,” a Kid-Bits feature that educates kids – and adults, too – about snakes.

Also, readers can watch two videos: “We’re Here to Help You,” about the services that are available to IF&W customers when its offices are closed; and “Drunken Boating Equals Drunken Driving,” a boating safety message from the Maine Warden Service, Marine Patrol and the Maine State Police.

IF&W has been producing its decades-old publication online only this year in an effort to save money. By doing so, the Department is reaching more readers than by selling magazine subscriptions. The last two editions – Winter 2009 and Spring 2009 – each reached close to or exceeded 20,000 readers.

Deborah Turcotte
Spokesperson, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
SHS 41
284 State St.
Augusta, ME 04333
W: (207) 287-6008
C: (207) 592-1164
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