Monday, August 31, 2009

False gun control bills on the internet

from Bullet Points:
URBAN LEGENDS ON GUN-CONTROL BILLS CONTINUE TO SURFACE . . . It seems urban legends about new gun-control bills are continuing to surface. The latest fallacy to cause concern is a bill, "SB 2099," that would allegedly require gun owners to list their firearms on their tax documents (and pay upward of $50 per gun owned). NSSF wishes to be perfectly clear on this matter: There is no such bill. Also generating talk is HR 45, The Blair Holt Act. Sponsored by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), HR 45 calls for, amongst other things, all handgun owners to submit to the federal government a formal application including: photo identification, fingerprints, medical and mental health records and a completed written firearm safety examine. The legislation also mandates that a federal database be established of all firearm sales and transfers. Though this legislation is real and NSSF is continuing to monitor it, industry and gun owners should not be concerned. HR 45 has no co-sponsors and is not a threat to become law.

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