Saturday, January 18, 2014

IRIS active alert system for hunters. Field demo

Interesting technology from New Zealand.
Another back up to reduce mistaken for game shootings, but certainly not to be relied on. I think it may be more valuable as a reminder to keep your muzzle in a safe direction with in your hunting group.
The most compelling argument against it's use is not all hunters will have the sensors needed to make it work. and non-hunters even more so. But, that was the argument used against hunter orange, and it has definitely reduce shooting related hunting accidents.

Watch IRIS in action

IRIS contribution to safe hunting


  1. Interesting stuff. I can see a real benefit for this in places like hunting clubs or family camps where you can coordinate with the other hunters.

    Wish I'd had more time at SHOT this year to explore more of the technology... good and bad. There's a lot of new gadgets out there.

  2. I was just over at your blog - looks like you found some interesting stuff. SHOT is to much of a zoo for me!

  3. SHOT is a mad house, Eric, no doubt about it. But it's a good opportunity to network with industry folks, and you'll see stuff you never even imagined (and a lot of stuff you will wish you had imagined).

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