Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Call to support fair chase hunting on television

From the Montana Wildlife Federation:
(note Randy was a longtime board member of Orion)
Show support for the hunting show that supports conservation

MWF supporters,

This month hunter/conservationist Randy Newberg is featuring our effort to conserve some of the best wildlife habitat in Montana on the Rocky Mountain Front on his popular TV show, Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg.
The hard-core mule deer hunt will air at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the Sportsmen's Channel on Oct. 24.

In this day and age, it's refreshing to see cable television embrace fair chase effort and the conservation of our public lands and public wildlife. Randy's show told the true story of not only the big game on the Rocky Mountain Front, but of the habitat that is the foundation of North America's world-class hunting opportunities. We know that the Front is incredible habitat and that's why we're working hard to protect this remarkable landscape with the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act currently in Congress.

Fresh Tracks harkens back to an era of hunting shows when the focus was on conservation and habitat. He stresses that when it comes to wildlife, it's habitat, habitat and habitat. That can make for some difficult hunts but also rewarding ones. And sometimes he doesn't kill an animal - that's hunting, as we all know.

Randy's stood with us for a long time. Now it's time for us to stand with him. Please take a moment to contact Randy's prime sponsor: Federal Ammunition and thank them for sponsoring Fresh Tracks.
You can contact Federal here. Let them know if you use Federal ammunition.

Also, please contact the Sportsman's Channel and thank them for allowing Randy to portray hunters as thoughtful, educated and conservation-minded stewards of our public lands and public wildlife.
You can email the Sportsman's Channel here: sportsman@thesportsmanchannel.com

Please cc your emails to mwf@mtwf.org. Thanks for supporting one of our biggest conservation partners.


  1. Check out these guys: http://www.provingtrailadventures.com
    This video is another nail in the coffin for horrible outdoor TV

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I went to the website but was unable to open the trailer - but the write up looked good and the comments from folks who bought the video were very positive. It is great to see Randy's concept of do-it-yourself, public land, fair chase hunting taking off! we should all show our support for these kinds of efforts and pressure the sponsors to shift thier support to ethical hunting shows and videos.
      From the website:
      Joel – Prince of Whales Island, AK

      2 guys from Alaska train and plan all year for their annual walk-in sheep hunt. The hunt DVD (1 out of the 2) shows the hunt in its entirety. These two guys have been tipping over sheep here in AK for years, by walking in from the road system. No planes used. Average hunt costs a little more than a tank of gas and some mountain houses. They take you along on 1 of the hunts. Basically from leaving the rig, the walk in, hunt, and the walk out.

      A few things I really like about the Hunt DVD.

      Scott and Steve filmed it themselves. No film crew. Don't expect perfect filming or kill shot after kill shot. They did an excellent job for a backpack hunting video camera.
      They walked in 22 miles to the rams. This was not a gimmie hunt by any means. And, they doubled up.
      Public land, harvest tickets. (any AK resident can hunt that spot)
      No pimping of gear. They use very sensible gear, that pretty much anybody can afford. They aren't gear junkies with the latest and greatest packs etc.
      They walked out 22 miles with 130lbs each on their backs. I liked how the DVD wasn't just kill shots, but showed the walk out too. It'll really make a guy think twice about how important training is before attempting such a feat. That is such a huge part of the hunt that many big production shows just can't show.

      That's my review. I liked it a bunch. Makes me want to kill a sheep... Almost makes me wish I wasn't a fisherman so I could go chase those white animals in August.

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