Saturday, February 25, 2012

Poll: Is Hunting Deer Over Bait Fair Chase?

From Field and Stream - Whitetail 365

by David Hurteau

There is a difference between ethical hunting and fair-chase hunting. Fair-chase is typically ethical. But ethical hunting is not always fair-chase. For example, there is nothing unethical, as far as I can tell, about baiting deer.


Note from Eric - I don't agree with David that ethical hunting is not always fair-chase, unless you are including culls and subsistence hunting.


  1. I have no problem hunting over bait and in some cases it is the only practical way (leopard in Africa, black bear in Ontario).

    I think that the way that the question was posted was divisive, and does not contribute to the "hunting cause".

    It was almost like asking which form of fishing in more ethical, fly-fishing or bait casting?

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  2. Rodrigo,
    Thanks for you comments. I agree that the question was provocative - I guess that is how you sell magazines. Details, location, local norms and type of wildlife all matter.
    I just visited your blog and highly recommend it. I've added you to our blog roll - thanks.

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