Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wild cougar traveled east 1,500 miles, tests find

From The Wildlife Society NewsBrief

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A mountain lion in Connecticut was found to have made its way east from the Black Hills of South Dakota. That means that the animal traveled more than 1,500 miles, more than twice as far as the longest dispersal pattern ever recorded for a mountain lion. The news stunned researchers trying to make sense of the first confirmed presence of the species in Connecticut in more than a century. More


  1. Wow, what an adventurer that cat was! And what a shame he was hit by a car.

  2. In one year it allegedly traveled >1000 miles from northeast Michigan to CT crossing at least one great lake. somehow it manage to pass through the length of PA before, during, or after deer season without being captured by a single trail-cam. How convenient that someone captured this particular animals' poop back in the midwest. Don't believe everything you read. An alternate interpretation: cat lover moves big cat a long ways.

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