Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Hunt, Delta Waterfowl's Mentored Hunting Program

First Hunt
Welcome to Delta Waterfowl's “First Hunt” program. Here you'll find a collection of videos and handbooks specifically created for first-time hunters and their mentors. This is your gateway to the storied tradition of waterfowl hunting. Enjoy.

Message from Delta President Rob Olson

Few things as a waterfowler will give you more long-term satisfaction than passing on our hunting heritage to your son or daughter, friend or family member. Even the young kid down the street you barely even know.
At Delta, we take immense pride in mentoring new waterfowlers. I personally derive more pleasure watching a complete novice shoot his or her first duck than actually hunting myself. Ear-to-ear grins tend to make a mentor's small sacrifices completely worthwhile.
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Note from Eric:  Many states have recently adopted Apprentice hunting licenses that allow non-hunters to try hunting with a licensed hunter. For busy people these new laws reduce the upfront commitment traditionally required before they can see if they like hunting and want to pursue it further. Key to the success are quality mentors that number one are willing to step forward and then know how to run a fun, safe and compelling hunt. The materials put together by Delta Waterfowl is a great model for duck hunting and could be a template for other type hunts. Check out the great support materials available for downloading at First Hunt
I'd be interested in other programs that offer training materials for mentors and apprentices. If you know of any please share in the comment section below.

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