Wednesday, December 15, 2010

THUG shotguns and TV show - you've got to be kidding!

This from the Outdoor Wire.
It makes you wonder, what are these people thinking??? Naming a series of shotguns THUG and a TV show! If some anti group smeard  us with this term the NRA would be all over them. But the marketers at Mossberg and Mossy Oak do it and we all roll over. As Pogo famously said, "We have met the enemy and it is us."

Mossberg delivers four new high-performance Turkey THUG shotgun models, each engraved with "Turkey THUG Series" on the receiver. Mossberg Turkey THUG shotguns will be the exclusive shotguns used in Mossy Oak's Turkey THUG television program in 2011-2012, which airs on the Pursuit Channel. | For More...


  1. That's great! Mossberg and Mossy Oak are going to glorify a militia mentality and apply it to their marketing scheme to attract what kind of "hunter?" Certainly not one who feels respect for the animal but instead creates a "war games scenario" where the turkey is now portrayed as "the enemy." Folks! Where are we going with this? Will SOMEBODY please stand up and cry "Foul!" to these morons of marketing?

  2. Bradley,
    Our silence on the topic, continued support or companies that market this way and folks who continue to watch the shows equal a vote for what they are doing to hunting. Collectively we can change this image. Orion is doing what we can to speak out. Randy Newberg with his "On Your Own Adventures" is showing the hunting show industry that you can hunt ethically and still have an entertaining show.
    But is it enough? I suspect not.

  3. Marketing for a segment of hunters, usually younger ones who are looking for the "advantage" or "gadget" seems to all ways revolve around "cool" or "awesome". Most of us , the average 47 year old in hunting, has moved passed this point , has his tried and true equipment, and won't be spending much. Mr. Nugent's wak'em & stack'em, (with the thug gun) mentality is trying to throw some shock & awe to the arm chair hunters, and gather attention from a tuff to reach general public viewer. Randy Newberg's message is a good start but money drives companies and that leads us down this road. AGAIN!

    Rod Elmer

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