Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coordinating Group Meets to Repeal Nelson Amendment

Public Trust Violation In Vermont Will Be Fought

Sixteen groups and individuals met last Thursday at the VT State House and unanimously agreed that the Nelson Amendment needs to be repealed. Representatives from the Legislature, Orion, The Wildlife Society, the National Wildlife Federation, VT Natural Resource Council, the Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Vt Hunters, Anglers and Trappers and the Vt Fish and Wildlife board along with individuals including hunter education instructors, outdoor writers, a retired Fish and Wildlife biologist, game warden,  and commissioner were all united in opposing the action taken in the last hours of the 2009 Legislature which transferred control of enclosed deer and moose to an individual.
The group decided among other things to seek legal council to examine  the constitutionality of the new law and to begin drafting a bill to repeal the amendment.
I will post a summary of our notes when they are available.
Meanwhile, there is a hearing scheduled with the Agricultural Department and Doug Nelson over his non-compliance with the new law and Ag rules on captive cervids on Sept 1, 9am -11am at the VT Dept of Ag, 2nd floor conference room. It should be pretty interesting to see what is said and to see if Ag is going to enforce it's rules or continue to let Nelson do as he pleases.


  1. While leaving this meeting with my head down, I was flooded with many unexpected feelings. An omonous cloud hangs over man's future and I believe we all have been greatly affected by it.
    Our deep concerns for nature, man and his children's future were shared by all in attendence. I sometimes wounder why I bother trying to educate or inspire ,but, I'm reminded as I watch my sons , live. It's just the right thing to do. My good, older, friend, asked how the battle was raging. After a quick break down ,he reminded me that laws are not for justice, common sense, or compassion. They are the lanuage of uncommon sense. The language of paid lawyers, money makers, aristocracy, and advantage takers, of selfishness and greed. But it rides on the good names of man like us! The good fathers and husbands , the men with heart, passion, and courage!"Your absolutely right," he said" but, no one will listen or understand your poetry unless they pick up a gun." "All people will not learn and truthfully they are not ment to!" If everyone understands ,where is the balance you seek? Share yourself with those who would learn and let the rest stuggle in awe of you and your sons!" A GOOD NEIGHBOR TO
    Rod Elmer

  2. I hadn't been aware of the most recent developments on this.We are certainly headed for trouble here. If there are breeding populations of moose and whitetails in the Nelson fenced area, it is obvious that it is only a question of time before there will be a problem, either predictable now or unforeseen but on the way. This is a certainty over and above the ethical question of an individual profiting from native wildlife taken from the public domain. Deal with Pete and his mate and offspring now or deal with the herd later. Clearly, sooner or later, somebody will be shooting moose at Doug Nelson's by necessity. It is unconscionable to allow a breeding population to get started. Wasn't that one of the points of putting Pete there in the first place?? The law on domestication of wild animals is a good one. This developing scenario is proof in process.
    The power of the internet can be significant. I suspect most sportsman will be able to see the danger in this developing situation and many will feel inclined to enter into the discussion.
    Best - Hank

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