Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ethics Blog Roundtable Continues

More discussion on hunter ethics/preferences and culture over on the Hog Blog:

Ethics Blog Roundtable Continues

Some great stuff seems to be coming out of the running ethics discussions, as well as the spin-offs (intentional or not) from the two posts by Thinking Hunter, Galen Geer, in which he first describes the ethics problem and considers holding a “symposium” for discussion, and then goes into some thoughts about an approach to the hunter’s ethics problem.

Arthur has put up a couple of good posts on his Simply Outdoors site, including this one. Chad Love, the Mallard of Discontent, takes a run at it in his surly post about the SHOT Show and the proliferation of high-tech gadgetry. And finally (in my list, not necessarily in order of appearance or relevance), there’s Eric Nuse’s considered response on his Fair Chase Hunting blog. (I know this is a lot of links, but if you’re interested in the topic or conversation, it’s worthwhile. Honest. Otherwise, Holly, the NorCal Cazadora has mentioned setting up a new blog to collect these threads in a single location… great idea for a way to utilize our spare time.)

It is the comments on Eric’s blog that spurred my return to the topic, particularly those from someone named Shaun. Shaun’s posts hold tight to what I consider the traditional argument for hunting ethics… that without a certain ethical ideal, what we’re doing is not really “hunting”, but simply killing. I can understand that perspective, and even agree with it to a point. But it also smacks of that elitist attitude that fails to take into consideration that every individual has their own set of values, and their own motivations for hunting.

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