Friday, January 22, 2010

The only way to hunt . . .

with a spear.


  1. High fence meets spear hunting. Reminds me of the discussion we had amoung Hunter Education coordinators a few years ago about the ethics of hunting wild hogs in Hawaii with hounds at night using spears. We decided it was a cull operation to protect crops so not hunting as such. Some of us wondered if it was a fair chase issue for the pigs or the hunters!

  2. It certainly takes a tremendous amount of skill and self control to pull this one off. Talk about re-connecting with our past.
    By comparison, it's the difference between a compound bow and a self bow.

    Mike Kolsun

  3. Boy, talk about ambivalence!

    This was a nice, clean kill and I can imagine the rush of making the "shot" with a spear... but I've seen some pretty botched work with spears as well, particularly when the spear is thrown instead of stabbed.

    I suppose it's like any weapon... learn to use it right, exercise self-control, and everything should be fine.

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