Friday, July 17, 2009

Take a friend fishing

Good weather has been pretty rare this summer in Vermont. So every nice day (as in less than gale winds, driving rain and lightning flashing) has to be used to the max. When we finally had fair day predicted earlier this week I had visions of trolling on Megog or Waterbury for big browns. But we had a house guest from Germany, so fishing with my buddies was out.
However, he had expressed an interest in trying fishing. So down to the Town Clerks we went, picked up a one-day license, loaded the canoe and headed up to Green River State Park. After a 20 minute paddle we were anchored by a nice weed bed. I rigged up a cane pole with a small jig, blue grub and a bit of worm, pitched the lure in the water and before I could hand the pole to Florion I felt a fish biting. 20 perch and one nice pickerel later, I had an avid fisherman on my hands. You know they are hooked when it is past time to leave and they are pleading for "one more cast!"
We even had a loon cruise over to see how we were doing.
I managed to catch one perch during our lunch break, but for me it was one of the best fishing trips of the year.
Take a new person fishing - It forces you to look with fresh eyes at the beauty of nature and appreciate the great opportunities we have. Plus it brings in new supporters for wildlife and wild places.

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