Monday, June 15, 2009

WI Apprentice Hunting Bill moving ahead - Where is Vermont's?

Families Afield Campaign Picks Up Steam

Since the Familes Afield campaign's inception in 2004, 28 states have passed laws aimed at making it easier for people to get into the field and try hunting. Click here for a closer look.

WISCONSIN APPRENTICE BILL CLEARS SENATE . . . The Families Afield initiative is gaining ground in 2009. On the heels of a new law enacted in Nevada, Wisconsin is moving forward with an apprentice bill that would allow 10-year-old novice hunters the ability to get in the field with an experienced mentor. The bill, SB 167, cleared the Senate last week by a 27-6 vote and will now head to the Wisconsin Assembly. The Families Afield campaign was established by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance and National Wild Turkey Federation. Since its inception in 2004, 28 states have passed Families Afield-style legislation aimed at making it easier for people to get into the field and try hunting. "It's very encouraging to see so many states embracing the Families Afield concept," said Melissa Schilling, NSSF manager of recruitment and retention. "What's even more encouraging is seeing so many new hunters of all ages taking advantage of these new and welcoming opportunities to give hunting a try." Read more about the Wisconsin bill at


  1. Rep Steve Adams had a bill ready to go in the VT Legislature to allow a people new to hunting to "try" hunting in a safe mentored hunting situation. This concept was endorsed at the Future of Hunting in VT conference in Castleton.
    I hope the bill gets some traction next year and becomes law.

  2. I talked via email with Rep. Adams. He reported that the mentored hunting bill passed the Fish Wildlife and Water Resources committee and is in the Finance Committee. They did not act on it at his request, but will take it up in the 2010 session.
    This bill will be a great help in recruiting new hunters as it lets them try hunting in a safe easy way. And once you try it we think they will like it and want to continue by taking hunter ed and buying a license!