Thursday, May 7, 2009

101 Ways to Scare a Turkey

Several years ago I started on a project to determine the top 101 ways to scare a turkey. To the unsophisticated hunter this research may be mistaken for regular turkey hunting, but they simply don’t understand the scientific method and the role of experimentation in testing the hypothesis.
Take yesterday morning. I woke up at 0 dark thirty and headed into the wet woods by my house. I set up under a big maple and stroked out a soft tree call. So far this call has not scared any turkey that I am aware of, but hope springs eternal. As I gazed into the falling rain it occurred to me that it would be a bit dryer under the softwoods about 50 yards away. So I gathered up my stuff and slipped into the hemlocks. Finding a nice big one with a reasonable view I sat down and hit my tree call on my slate again. Immediately there was a rush of wings and a thud behind me. I turned in time to see a hen scooting off like she had a coyote on her tail.
I’m racking this up as an assist for walking under a roost tree and a full point for scaring a turkey with a tree call. So in three years I’m up to a confirmed 39 ways to scare a turkey. Only 62 to go… and who knows, maybe I’ll even kill one before I reach my goal. Now that would be a neat way to scare a turkey!

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