Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back in the USA

Sorry for the lack of new posts. I was traveling in Europe and my internet connections where spotty - not to mention I didn't have much time.
Europe is great, lots of history, art, good food and drink; but the wildlife and even bird life is not much. In 3 weeks I say a total of 4 deer, 2 squirrels and a bunch of dark brown/black birds. Admittedly I was not up at dawn or in great habitat much of the time, but it was still pretty bleak.
I scouted turkey this morning, great sunrise, lots of bird song, flushed two hens from their roost and saw osprey, mallards, woodies and mergs. Also otter, mink, coyote and beaver sign. It is great to be in Vermont in the spring!


  1. Hi Eric,
    Glad your back. Did you hit Ireland. Sherry and I were there last year and I was surprised by the amount of game we saw. Deer almost daily,2 kinds, badger, fox and mink. Many wild goats and wild horses. I did not expect it and was pleasntly surprised.
    Brian Ames

  2. Brian,
    No, we were in Germany (Berlin, Potsdam, Munich and Dortmund), France (Paris and Toulouse) and Italy (Sardinina).
    I've seen more wildlife in the last two days than the whole trip, including 2 nice toms at 55 yards - they are still out there...

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